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Work and Play in the NanoWorlds of Missouri

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  • Here are some notes on collaborative software, and on modeling projects in the works.
  • Here are some tools for virtual microscopy, and notes on nanoscience practicals.
  • Here's the official Center for NanoScience MIST lab homepage.
  • Below find the google groups link for our moderated intra-lab technical forum. If you'd like to be registered for access, send a request through the link below and/or contact the local moderator.
  • Google Groups Scanned Tip and Electron Image Lab
    Browse Archives at
  • Notes on: a particle's travel-diary (22apr), regional nanoscience (5may), & niche networks (16may2006).
  • Try risk assessment, cold food, mag-lenses, and a web-journal for empirical observation reports.
  • Fix-up the periodic table with springs, or ponder multi-scale times, tales of C/Si & O, and nanoeducation.
  • Lattice fringe practicals and a nano-cluster analysis weblab for YOUR data and classes.
  • Notes on molecule spatial harmonics, diffraction in action, and a 2005 intro-chem adventure.
  • Some on-line nano-detective challenges/tools, jmol tests, and some recent outreach.
  • A nano-microscopy field calculator may be found here.
  • Tutorial notes on the r2-loop and covariance, plus some recent submissions.
  • Attempts at a "reduced-jargon" list of research highlights and developing stories.
  • Some 2003 proposal summaries (A, B) and regional nano-alliance notes.
  • Try exploring a thinned disc or a grid with space dust on the nanoscale! Related rubrics.
  • A 3x3 reduced version of the lab's poster for NSF's NNIN meeting.
  • IF your system supports the Adobe Atmosphere (beta-test) plugin, visit our 3D weblab.
  • The Central States Microscopy and MicroAnalysis Society Spring Meeting at UM-StL on Friday 7 June 2002.
  • How about a three-part (web/lab)-based course on emergent microscopy practicals?
  • Developing e-print topics include lattices in 3D, fast airtracks, silicon nanopits, and red giant onions.
  • Notes on some graduate research projects that have put our 'scopes to use.
  • Web version of our Tech Fair 2000 presentation for St. Louis' Technology Gateway Alliance.
  • What is direct-space crystallography via stereo lattice imaging [hint]? More here.
  • Draft (p1,2; PDF) of Wentao's paper for the 1999 Microscope Society of America Conference.
  • In Winter 1999, both weekend SEM (p307), and Bio-EM (b392), courses will be offered!
  • The TEM course this Fall 1998 (Phys 308) now has 2 sections. Stop by for a visit in M101! links2go award
  • Check out our Engleman workshop on using flashbacks to save a mars-mission crew.
  • Check out our microscopy course overview, as well as sem, tem and spm course pages.
  • Draft description of a possible summer workshop series targeted toward analytical service clients rather than operators.
  • The complex-color view below of quantum-mechanical tunnelling with standing wave on the left, barrier in the middle, and a wave past the barrier on the right is much more compact than the complex-plane animation of the same process. The latter, of course, is not even an option when it comes to viewing complex images, such as 2D Fourier transforms or optical wave-field cross-sections!
    complex-color tunnel barrier animation
  • Selected images from "Play and Work in the NanoWorlds of St. Louis".
  • Nuclei recoil on alpha-decay, creating etchable damage tracks in mica.
  • Check out the reciprocal world course stuff in prep for next semester.
  • Searching with IR for 200nm defects in silicon? Lucio's 1.8MB review note in PDF is here.
  • We now have on-line group-meeting servers like this one here. Write pf for login details.
  • One image from a 3D series of HREM images of Tungsten Carbide/Oxide Crystals by Wentao Qin.
  • Three abstracts for the Winter 1998 AAPT Conference.
  • Our CME page & some nature nanophotography.
  • If you do VRML, nano-visit the 0.6MB surface of a polymer decorated by Kevin Saff.
  • Tabletop tip vibrations are less than 0.07 nm on the 250-ton slab in our new "triple bi-story" CME site!
  • Try two-ton TEM turnovers today?
  • Dave's materials astronomy note on presolar red-giant graphite-onion core/diameter ratios.
  • Check out deBroglie's electrons & some odd TEM facts.
  • Try your hand at focussing and astigmating a high resolution electron microscope.
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  • To list some current outside web-links which point in to the scanned tip and electron image lab stuff at this site...

  • Wuzzle: If this is what reciprocal space looks like, switching to direct space finds what? If you do VRML, hike the 182kB reciprocal-lattice of this mystery crystal for clues.
  • Puzzler: What is this a HREM image of? Hint: 10-fold Scattering Centers Orthorhombically Arrayed in an Image 64 Angstroms wide!
  • Phyzzlers: What does Coulomb's law have to do with the "line of no contrast" in TEM images of tiny defects in crystals? Check out this charge visualization to find out.
  • Note: This page contains original material. If you choose to echo in print or on the web, permission from us (as well as a citation) may be appropriate. { Thanks. /philf :) }
    This lab began as the UM-StL component of the St. Louis Consortium for Microstructural Studies in the late 1980's, and continues that Consortium's objective of developing and offering advanced techniques for "getting small", and doing microscopic detective work on materials in the size range between microns and atoms. This lab: (i) brought the first scanning probe microscopes (tunneling and force) to the area, (ii) proposed for and then guided the building of a triple bi-story building, the first in Missouri designed from the ground up for atomic-resolution imaging, (iii) organized the first meeting of the MissOuri NanoAlliance (with funds from the governor's research alliance), and (iv) continues to manage the only atom-resolution (sub-2A point to point) transmission electron microscope facility in Missouri. Always part of a regional "Center without Walls", it is also the operating unit of the UM-StL Center for Molecular Electronics' Microstructural Studies Facility most directly linked to present and prospective Industry Sponsorships for the Center.


    1. Overview
    2. Image(s) of the month
    3. Long Term Projects
    4. Fire-Fighting Projects
    5. Facilities
    6. Immediate Members of the Group
    7. Non-local or Previous Members of the Group
    8. Recent Papers and/or Abstracts
    9. Other Interesting Microscopy Sites
    10. mail to author(s)

    Image(s) of the month

    Microscope Acronyms: AFM=contact repulsive force; TM=tapping mode force;
    STM=scanning tunneling; HREM=electron phase contrast TEM; CTEM=conventional TEM.
    Feb'96Simulated lateral displacement image of a soft cosine ripple (AFM), and some intergrown hemispherical bumps (air-STM).{CS,PF}
    Jan'96HREM showing 2D graphite starflakes in the core of a micron-sized presolar graphite onion, likely carried to us on the backs of photons from the near-surface of a carbon-rich red giant.{KB,DD,QW,PF}
    Dec'95Raw STM image of a gold/palladium(Au/Pd)-on-graphite specimen in air, showing what may be Au/Pd clustering on a carbon atom lattice.{QW,CS}
    Nov'95CTEM of oxygen precipitates (& related defects) in VLSI silicon after 2^n hours growth, for comparison with infrared laser scattering profiles.{LM}
    Oct'95TM_AFM images of 0.13 nm Steps on "fresh-epitaxial" (100) Silicon in air.{LF}
    Sep'95AFM video of an integrated circuit memory chip, with micron-sized cube for scale.{RA}
    Aug'95AFM micrographs of sickle cell platelets provided by the microscopist.{RA}
    Jul '95TM_AFM images, with many field-widths for roughness spectroscopy, of widely-spaced atomic steps on (100) silicon in air.{LF}
    Jun'95Simulated HREM images of randomly-oriented atom-thick graphite flakes, suggesting in direct space the remarkable features of diffraction from 2D crystals.{KB,PF}
    May'95"Nano-wheat" in some "nano-valleys", or water on mica?{LF}
    Apr'95An etched nuclear particle track in mica, probably from natural fission of uranium contained therein.{LF}
    Mar'95HREM of ordered icosahedra in annealed TiMn quasicrystal, shown in 10-fold symmetry down P2(001).{LL,PF}
    Feb'95Some strange rimmed pits in argon-irradiated mica, only a molecule or so deep (and high) but 10nm wide!{LF}
    Jan'95Playing "Where's Crystaldo" with Bayesian background subtraction of noise from images.{JT,LF,PF}
    Images of Months Past

    Long-Term Projects Include:

    Fire-Fighting Projects Include:


  • Philips EM430ST 300 kV high resolution/analytical transmission electron microscope (TEM), with sub-2A point-resolution pole-piece, STEM system, double-tilt low-blank stages, Gatan electron energy loss (EELS) spectrometer, and EDAX thin window energy-dispersive X-ray (EDS) detector.
  • Digital Instruments NanoScope III multimode scanning probe microscope (STM, AFM, LFM, TMFM, ECSTM, ECAFM)
  • Amray 2000 scanning electron microscope (SEM) with Tracor X-ray system.
  • Hitachi H-600 100kV transmission electron microscope
  • Cambridge S240 scanning electron microscope (SEM) with Link X-ray system
  • Cambridge Stereoscan 250 scanning electron microscope
  • Digital Instruments Nanoscope I scanning tunneling microscope
  • Specimen preparation equipment: Balzer's freeze-fracture system and evaporator, Kenney vacuum evaporator, Buehler wafering saw, Gatan disc cutter, dimpler and ion mill, SouthBay tripod polisher, Hummer sputter coater
  • Access to several Silicon Graphics and Sun Workstations
  • Windows NT and 98 computers with clock speeds up to 700MHz, 384MB RAM
  • Agfa T2500 paper/negative scanner for 12 bit/channel 2500dpi images
  • MacIntosh PowerPC
  • Hewlett Packard ScanJet IIc scanner
  • 640x480x8 bits image digitizer
  • Mitsubishi Color Video Copy Processor
  • Codonics np1600 graphic network color printer with postscript option
  • Hewlett Packard LaserJet 4000 printer with postscript cartridge
  • Hewlett Packard DeskJet 870Cse color printer
  • Synoptics Semper 6.2 image processing sofrware package and board

    Current working group:

    • Andrew Doust, Post Doc/Biology
    • P. Fraundorf, (Physics & Astronomy)
    • Earl Gadel, Undergrad
    • Amanda Hall, Grad Student
    • Dan Hopper, Grad Student
    • Nathaniel Hunton, Undergrad
    • Mike Kraus, Undergrad/MEMC
    • Shuhan Lin, Lab and outreach manager
    • Eric Mandell, Grad Student
    • Tim Volpert, Undergrad
    • Jinfeng Wang, Grad Student

    Non-local and/or Previous Members of the Group:

    • Anderson, Richard (Grad)
    • Annetta, Len (NC State...)
    • Armbruster, Barbara (Gatan, Inc.)
    • Bailey, Jon (Undergrad, WU...)
    • Baugh, Fred (Grad)
    • Brewer, Kay (Undergraduate, Indiana University-Bloomington)
    • Dawkins, David (Grad M.S., MEMC, SWBell...)
    • Cook, Becky (Sci Ed Grad/HS Teacher)
    • Dixon, Rich (Undergrad)
    • Fedak, Russell (HS Teacher)
    • Fei, Lu (Grad Ph.D. '96, MEMC)
    • Fienup, Bill (Priory HS, MIT...)
    • Gharabagi, Roobik (Visiting Prof, SLU Electrical Engineering)
    • Heffern, Webster (Mary Institute, MIT...)
    • Kozemczak, Danielle (Gateway Magnet HS, Webster U...)
    • Kroutvar, Miro (Grad M.S., Stuttgart...)
    • Lubecki, Gniewko (UCity/Englemann, Harvard...)
    • Liu, Jingyue (Monsanto Senior Fellow and Queeny Award Winner, Adjunct Prof)
    • Gray, Aaron (Grad M.S., MEMC)
    • Mack, Iris (Grad M.S., Stuttgart...)
    • Madden, Barrett (Englemann)
    • McGill, Darren (Englemann)
    • Mule'stagno, Luciano (Grad Ph.D. '96, MEMC Adjunct Prof)
    • Nellesen, Pat (Grad)
    • Pieneke, Christian (Grad M.S., Stuttgart...)
    • Pollack, Kurt (Grad M.S., Minneapolis)
    • Qin, Wentao (Grad Ph.D. '01, Motorola/Freescale...)
    • Saff, Kevin (Englemann, UIUC, Boeing...)
    • Savitskij, Dennis (Grad)
    • Schuler, Richard (Grad)
    • Shen, Chang (Grad Ph.D. '98, Martin-Marietta/...)
    • Shippey, Scott (Undergrad)
    • Siriwardane, Haresh (Grad Ph.D. '93, PostDoc, Adjunct Prof MEMC/Mitsubishi/...)
    • Tenney, Aaron (Undergrad, WU...)
    • Tentschert, Jeff (Grad M.S., Houston...)
    • Tournier, Adam (Grad)
    • Truong, Minh (Undergrad, Grad)
    • Tucker, Jennifer (Englemann)
    • Turner, Kevin (Undergrad, Grad)
    • Wackenhut, Martin (Grad M.S., Stuttgart...)
    • Wang, Li (Grad, UVa...)
    • Witt, Dori (Undergrad, Johns-Hopkins...)
    • Yao, Ji

    Outside Student Collaborators:

    • Kuk Cho
    • Carmen Doudna
    • Hiten Kothari
    • Elizabeth Kulp
    • Lyle Levine
    • Mary Malast
    • Sarah Pates
    • Lee Rosen
    • Wu-Sheng Shih
    • Kari Wojtkowski

    Recent Papers/Abstracts

    Other Microscopy/Interesting Sites

  • This URL is:
  • Rooms CME106-115, UM-StL Center for Molecular Electronics Building, Benton Drive, North Campus, University of Missouri-St. Louis, St. Louis, Missouri, USA
  • UM-StL connections: Physics & Astronomy, Center for Molecular Electronics, Information Physics, Computer Programs, Acceleration One, and Wuzzlers.
  • PHONE:(314)-516-5024, FAX:(314)-516-6152, ZIP:63121-4499
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