Links on Widening the Impact:
Informal, Introductory, and Industry Nanochallenges

based on Chapter 10 by P. Fraundorf and Jingyue Liu

in the large-format 678-page 36-chapter book
Nanoscale Science and Engineering Education

ISBN 978-1-58883-085-3

edited by Aldrin E. Sweeney and Sudipta Seal (American Scientific Publishers 2008)

What follows is a developing list of links to web resources for the book chapter on nanoeducation mentioned above. The focus in this chapter is on integrative, rather than specializing, aspects of the nanoeducation experience. According to Aldrin Sweeney, "The discussion provided by Fraundorf and Liu underscores...critical areas in which further NSEE research is to be expected."

1) Informal Science: Engaging consumers and students outside of school

1.1) Visceral Appreciation of Scale: On the Web, in Science Centers, and in Video Games

1.2) Mediated NanoManipulation of Virtual and Real Specimens

1.3) Regional Tales of Work and Play: Untold Stories of Long Developing Technologies

2) Students as NanoDetectives in Intro Science Classes

2.1) Microscopy Trainers on the Web

2.2) Rubrics for Logging and Reporting Observations and Results

2.3) Bringing Intro-Text Figures to Life, with Peer Review Adventures

3) Nanoscale Science Practicals: The Basics, and a Passion for Group Work

3.1) Web/Lab Courses for Future NanoTech Consumers and Researchers

3.2) Skills for Using Basic Insights to Solve Applied as well as Fundamental Problems

3.3) Ethics and NanoExploration

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