An interactive connections spider

This calculator is designed for estimating the KL-divergence (and hence useful information) associated with either: (i) your connections to the world around or (ii) the balance in focus of an information source (like a radio station or a blog). Note that it does not ask which side of any issue is being treated, but rather what range of interactions are being considered. As we hope to show elsewhere, this may prove to be a more important question.

; Sum of hours/fractions: ; Niche-Level Multiplicity: .

Level name: Direction of focus from what organization layer boundary
Examples of activities or roles or interests that may impact correlations on this level or scale
Number or % of waking hours
Self: Inward from your metazoan skin
nutrition, fitness/shelter, and learning
Pairs: Outward from your metazoan skin
friend, partner, and mentor
Family: Inward from the edge of your molecular code-pool
ancestors, offspring, and in-laws
Hierarchy/Consensus: Outward from the edge of your molecular code-pool
community, government, and employer (insofar as it's not just mean$ to another end)
Culture/Believing: Inward from the edge of your idea code-pool
tradition, arts/sports, and religion
Knowledge/Observing: Outward from the edge of your idea code-pool
profession, archives, and field/study
Here's link to a version (that also includes a pie chart view) for the free Mathematica 6+ interactive player.