Scaling Space and Time:
interactive powers of ten
a 3mm disc over Bugg Lake
the mushroom and the microscope grid
time's arrow and earth's clock
artificial gravity explorer
nano-cluster lab
molecule harmonics
more live3D
nanoeducation notes
Nano-Smart Stuff at Home:
Gecko Toes → Nano-glue → Super-Shoes
Lotus-Leaves → Self-Cleaning Clothes
Ferrofluids → Artery Repairs from Within
TiO2Cleaner Air → Always-Bright Paint
Nano-Silver Yarns → Happy Socks
Targeting Cancer Cells with Nano-Gold
Gigascale IC Silicon → Computer Logic
Nano-Platinum → Catalytic Converters
Nano-Magnetite → Digital Recording
Where's Waldo's bowtie?
Can you ID the lattice?
The hidden buckytube nanotire
Professor Amy Shen's Complex Fluids/Soft Matter Lab
Detective work on Space Dust
Nanoscale Component Outreach at WU
Views from aSmall:
Platinum atoms on graphite in the St. Louis morning sun
Etched Trail of a Uranium Atom recoiling from Alpha Decay
Slippery monolayers on mica after an HF dip
Computer chip on a path to the Millenium Center
R. Howard Berg's Cells!
Virtual molecules in 3D with Jmol exploration of nanoscience demonstrations and interactive exhibits that touch on modern ways to understand, explore, and structure nature on size scales below the wavelength of light, as well as stories of work and play in the nanoworlds of Missouri which, far from being ``flavors of the month'', represent contributions to the region and to society at large that have been unfolding in some cases for many decades. videos (some require a local file on your computer)...
Vortical Interfaces, Endoplasmic Reticulum, Rose-of-Sharon Pollen, Soybean-Root Vacuole Time-Lapse

Brought to you by the St. Louis Science Center and St. Louis Area Physics Teachers, with help from MissOuri NanoAlliance participants Dr. Howard Berg of Danforth Plant Sciences Center, Dr. Jimmy Liu of Monsanto, and Dr. Amy Shen in Mechanical Engineering at Washington University. The organizer, and person responsible for errors, is Dr. P. Fraundorf in Physics & Astronomy at University of Missouri-StL.