Missouri Nano-Characterization/Synthesis Alliance notes

Note: The frames version of this page, in draft form, is currently available for comment here.

Hi. Thanks so much for coming to the MissOuri NanoAlliance meeting on Fri/Sat 14/15 May, 2004. Look for more on this here shortly, as I got back from Boston only on Saturday May 22/pf.

Thanks further to Bernard Feldman and Keith Stine, here are some notes on the meeting in PDF form for review and comment. Much of the open discussion was not covered in those notes, which focus largely on the individual presentations. That open discussion, among other things, came up with action items for the governor's Research Alliance of Missouri (RAM) to consider at its Tuesday May 18 meeting. These included...

Beyond this, action items for nano-alliance participants include...
MissOuri NanoAlliance nano-characterization/synthesis network: Suggestions invited, as we work to bring these links to life in the days ahead./pf

The three initial questions that got this page going were...
Technology transfer via the invention cycle, and technology sharing via the analytical support cycle, are illustrated in the figure below.

Thus technology sharing and transfer are complementary considerations in context of the Missouri Research Alliance's mandate. NSF's NNUN initiative for regional nano-fabrication facilities, managed through Stanford and Cornell over the past decade, is serving as the pattern for their new National Nanotechnology Infrastructure Network (NNIN) initiative which now includes nano-characterization facilities. It involves the re-thinking of some university labs as open-access "collaboration facilities", something nano-characterization alliance members in Missouri have been doing informally for decades. Some advantages of technology sharing through a nano-alliance analytical support cycle are listed below:

While waiting for this construction to be organized, here find slides from a 15 May 2004 MissOuri NanoAlliance meeting talk in St. Louis, a 5 May 2004 technical reputation workgroup discussion, slides for a 13 Apr 2004 discussion during visits to our lab by Chancellor Tom George and Monsanto Queeny Award winner, senior fellow, and proteomics group leader Jingyue Liu, notes for a 19 Feb 2004 discussion of UM-StL outreach with a campus administrative working group meeting hosted by the graduate dean, notes for a 22 Dec 2003 presentation on nano-alliances to the governor's Research Alliance of Missouri in Jeff City, the same-day announcement of NSF's National Nanotechnology Infrastructure Network hub-proposal award (look for some node-proposal opportunities downstream), and some earlier notes from a 25 Oct 2003 talk and discussion of regional nano-characterization consortium strategies with members of the Central States Microscopy and Microanalysis Society at the Donald Danforth Plant Sciences Center in St. Louis.

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