Mechanics & Heat (5)

UM-StL Evening Physics 111 - Fall '99

Boiler Plate: An introduction to the phenomena, concepts, and laws of mechanics and heat for physics majors and students in other departments. Three hours of lecture, one hour of discussion, and two hours of laboratory per week.

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Some Suggested Supplementary Reading

Symbols: Make sure that you know the Greek alphabet and special Mathematical Symbols, which will be constantly used in this course. Consult the back cover of the textbook.

MathReview: There is a very useful collection of trigonometry, and differential and integral calculus formulae in the back of the text for quick reference and review (Appendix B). Make sure that you know this material!

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Assumed Background:

Prerequisite: Math 80: Analytic Geom & Calc I (5) or Math 101: Survey of Calc (4)
Recommended: Physics 1: Foundations I (4) or Chem 12: Intro II (5)


Prof: Phil Fraundorf ( 516-5933; Molecular Building 202 (office)
Office Hours: after class and by appointment
Text: Physics for Scientists and Engineers, Fourth Edition by Raymond A. Serway (Saunders College Publishing, Philadelphia PA 1995)
Lectures: Section E0A: MW 5:30- 6:45pm Room B116
Discussion Sections: Section EA1: MW 5:00- 5:25pm Room B116
Lab Sections: Section E01: M 6:55-8:45pm Room B331

Approximate Distribution for Grade:

  • (1) Collected HomeWork / Quizzes - 10%
  • (2) Laboratory - 20%
  • (3) Four 1-Hour Exams - 50%
  • (3) Comprehensive Final Exam - 20%

    Drops: The University regulations regarding drops will be strictly enforced.

    Homework/Labs Schedule

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