Variable Size-Scale Adventures in Class

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One frontier that everyone has access to is "the land of the small" in their own backyard. Increasingly powerful and accessible tools are opening the door to nanoworld adventurers. These tools can give students access to a world which is their very own, and where nature behaves in ways that are sometimes amazingly familiar, and sometimes amazingly strange. Where else would one find worlds where, for example, inertia goes unnoticed, walking on the ceiling is easy, only motors with opposing axles actually work, and stationary objects look blurrier than moving ones? Moreover, such small explorations are relevant to present/future invention and job opportunities in science, engineering, medicine, criminology, biology, chemistry, electronics, and space science, as well as to our lives and the lives of those around us. The links on this page are designed to collect ideas, for teachers and students, on putting these newfound tools to use as early as is possible and appropriate in the educational process.

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