Biology 392, Winter Semester 1999

Topics in Electron Microscopy


Class Description

Small can be BIG! That's why we need electron microscopes...

A Few Electron Micrographs, by way of Example!
Can you guess their magnifications, how they were prepared, and what in detail they show?
Click on these for LARGER images of the same...

TEM Images of kidney cells (left) and lung cells (right).

SEM Images of Ovarian Cell Cilia (left) and a Latex Replica of Kidney Veins (right).

Cultured Ovarian Cell in SEM (left) and Hollow Chrysotile Asbestos Fibers in TEM (right)

Diffraction Pattern Streaks from One Asbestos Fiber

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Junior or Senior Standing, and Consent of Instructor.

3.0 Credit Hours, Course Fulfills Lab Requirement (same as Bio 492, Section G04).

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