Telescopes at the Observatory

The Main Telescope

The main telescope at the observatory is 14-inch Celestron Schmidt Cassegrain. The main field of the telescope is about a degree square with a finderscope field of three degrees. The telescope has a clock drive and is permanetly mounted to an equatorial pier. The telescope also has the ablity to have a wide variety of instruments attatched to it such as camerasand different kinds of eyepieces.

Other Telescopes

The C-8
The observatory also has a 8-inch Celestron Schimdt Cassegrain telescope. This telescope is palced outside the observatory and can be moved so that trees and buildings don't get in the way.

Rich's Scope
A graduate student by the name of Rich built this 8-inch Newtonian Reflector. The mirror was ground by hand!

THe observatory also has a 3.5-inch Questar Telescope that can also be used for Sun viewing.

Other Equipment

The observatory also has 3 CCDs, an ST-8, ST-6, used to take data and an ST-4 used for autoguiding. The telescope also has 6 filters, a BVRI set and two H-alpha filters.