Other Microscopy/Interesting Sites Around the World

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Browser-Interactive Programs

  • Electron Microscope Simulations from Switzerland.
    On-line version, developed by Henri Jouneau, of the program EMS by Pierre Stadlemann for simulating electron microscope images, Kikuchi maps, various diffraction pattern types, and specimen atomic models. Both are sited at the "Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne".
  • HREM and surface structure facility pages in Evanston, Illinois.
    Software and links hosted by L. D. Marks at Northwestern University.
  • Interactive routines for Marc De Graef's book Intro to Conventional TEM.
    This is a newer book published in 2003 by Cambridge University Press.
  • WebEMAPS from Urbana, Illinois.
    Home of Jian-Min (Jim) Zuo's web software for simulation of electron diffraction patterns, images and structure visualization.
  • Our Live3D models in St. Louis, MO.
    Applet-based calculation/visualization with interactive fringe visibility/Kikuchi maps, crytal defects, microscope simulators, and powers-of-ten worlds.
  • Our Nano-microscopy with Jmol models in St. Louis, MO.
    Jmol-based calculation/visualation of models for comparison to real experimental HREM, SPM and SEM data.
  • University of Nottingham SPM Processing Server (broken link).
    On-Line Programs for noise reduction, tip shape analysis, aggregate and fractal analysis. Work perhaps of Phil Williams.
  • Web Logo at UC, Berkeley
    On-line programs by Gavin Crooks and others for creation of nucleic and amino acid sequence logos.
  • The 2D chemical structure plotter in Erlangen, Germany.
  • QuasiTiler 3.0 in Minneapolis MN
    Program draws Penrose tilings and their generalizations, to help you think both about high resolution microscope images of quasicrystals, and novel designs for aperiodic bathroom tile.
  • JavaView visualization applet
  • Accel-One at UM-St. Louis
    Our first interactive program, this one for solving problems involving constant acceleration in one dimension.
  • Educational Materials

  • SPM: Imaging surfaces at a fine scale in St. Louis, MO.
    Notes by John W. Cross at Missouri Botanical Garden
  • Cells! in St. Louis, MO.
    Notes by Howard Berg at the Danforth Plant Sciences Center
  • Our variable size-scale adventure page.
  • DownLoadable Programs

  • Program Libraries connected with the ANL Microscopy and Microanalysis Home Page at Argonne
    Includes links to both source code and shareware program libraries on the Web
  • Microscopy-Related Shareware in Evanston, IL.
    Routines made available through Laurie Marks' group in Materials Microscopy at Northwestern.
  • Electron direct methods and Feasible Set Code in Evanston, IL.
    Marks group programs to estimate the (missing) phase information from a set of diffraction measurements of two-dimensional data.
  • NCEM Shareware from Berkeley CA
    Programs for microscopy put together by National Center for Electron Microscopy researchers at Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory.
  • Code for PC's and/or Semper Interpreters by UM-StL Researchers here
    Programs written in St Louis for applications or fun, available as either freeware or shareware.
  • Scanning probe image processor demo that works only on tiny images.
  • Other Site Lists

  • ANL Microscopy and Microanalysis WWW Server in Argonne IL
    Hosted by Nestor Zaluzec of the Materials Science Division at Argonne National Laboratories.
  • Electron Microscopy Yellow Pages in Lausanne, Switzerland.
    Hosted by Henri Jouneau at the "Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne".
  • WWW Virtual Library: Microscopy in Norman, Oklahoma.
    Hosted by Gregory Strout at the University of Oklahoma.
  • Microscopes & Microscopy by Chris of Long Ashton Research Station near Bristol UK
    An independent collection of microscopy resources.
  • National Center for Electron Microscopy in Berkeley CA
    Hosted by Roar Kilaas and MIke O'Keefe at Lawrence Berkeley Lab.
  • Selected Manufacturers

  • Digital Instruments in Santa Barbara CA (now Veeco)
    Manufacturer of scanning probe microscopes.
  • Philips Electronic Instruments from Eindhoven, in Hillsboro OR (now FeiCo)
    Manufacturer of electron microscopes and focussed ion beams, etc.
  • Gatan in California
    Manufacturer of ion mills, stages, detectors and software for electron microscopy.
  • Hitachi electron microscopes in Mito, Japan
  • Jeol in Tokyo
    Manufacturer of tools for electron microscopy, mass spectrometry, e-beam lithography and defect analysis.
  • Molecular Imaging in Tempe, AZ.
    Manufacturer for SPM's optimized for fluid cell work.
  • Omicron systems for UHV study of specimens
  • RJ Lee Education making microscope simulators to teach with
  • South Bay Technology specimen prep equipment
  • Zeiss electron microscopes pioneering use of omega-filter EELS

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